Koshin Pump PXL-65011/FREE SHIPPING   (PXL-65011)

Koshin Pump PXL-65011/FREE SHIPPING
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About the product

Submersible Koshin Pump PXL-65011 is designed for moving low level volumes of water. It has a top discharge which makes this pump slim and can fit into openings as small as 7.5 inches in diameter. The special feature is the pump down height of 1.5 mm

Below are the features and specifications for the Koshin Pump PXL-65011


  • Pump within 1mm/0.04" of floor level
  • Check valve eliminated "back-flow" situations
  • Outer wall has water channeled through it to keep motor cool
  • The double mechanical seal and silicon-carbide are highly lubricated to protect motor
  • Thermal protector turns off power supply in overload issues protecting the motor
  • Impeller and casing are made of unique blended rubber compound for maximum wear
  • Pump design offers both verticle and horizontal discharge
  • 1 year limited warranty click here


  • Dewatering and drainage of flat surfaces including rooftops, parking structures, parking lots and flooring
  • Good for basements and crawl spaces
  • Industrial and plant maintenance
Specifications for Koshin Pump PXL-65011
Discharge size 3/4 - 2 inch
Total head 36 feet
Delivery volume 25 gpm
Motor output 1/2 hp
Voltage 110V
Rated current 6.4 amps
Cable Length 20 feet
Net Weight 26 lbs

For a complete parts list and IPL for Koshin Pump PXL-65011 click here


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