Koshin Pump PX-65011/FREE SHIPPING   (PX-65011)

Koshin Pump PX-65011/FREE SHIPPING
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About the product

Submersible Koshin Pump PX-65011 uses a 1/2 hp engine and is designed to move large quantities of water such as flooded areas. It has a top discharge which makes this a slim pump and can fit into openings as small as 7.5 inches in diameter. The other great feature is its maximum pumping capacity of 4110 gallons an hour.

Below are the features and specifications for Koshin pump PX-65011.


  • Pump design offers both vertical and horizontal discharge
  • Impeller and casing are made of unique blended rubber compound for maximum wear
  • The outer wall has water channeled through to keep motor cool
  • It is compact, light-weight and easy to carry and handle
  • Shaft has long live due to double mechanical seal and the SIC at the bottom
  • Cord is constructed of uni-body for excellent water tightness
  • Thermal protector turns off power supply in overload issues protecting the motor
  • 1 year limited warranty click here


  • Great for the construction site for excavations, well casings and general dewatering
  • Used for utilities in manhole and vault draining
  • Residential draining of basements, crawl spaces and swimming pools

Specification for the Koshin Pump PX-65011

Model PX-65011
Discharge size 2 inch
Motor output 1/2 hp
Delivery volume 68.5 gpm
Total head 32.8 feet
Voltage 110V
Rated current 6.4 amps
Cable length 20 feet
Net Weight 25 lbs

For a complete parts list and IPL for Koshin pump PX-65011 click here

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