Koshin Pump PB-65011/FREE SHIPPING   (PB-65011 )

Koshin Pump PB-65011/FREE SHIPPING
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About the product

Submersible Koshin Pump PB-65011 is designed for moving larger quantities of water such as flooded areas. It has a top discharge that allows the pump to be slim it can fit into openings as small as 7 1/2 diamter.This unit features a maximum pumping capacity of 4600 gallons per hour

Below are the features and specifications for the Koshin Pump PB-65011


  • The motor keeps cool by having the water channeled through the outer wall
  • This pump is compact, light weight and easy to carry and handle
  • Double mechanial seals fun in an "oil" filled chamber of liquid paraffin to prevent damage from periods of dry running
  • Liquid paraffin is also used in the shaft seal, therefore water will no be contaminated even in the case of oil leakage
  • The cord is of uni-body construction ensuring excellent water tightness
  • The built in thermal protector turns off the power supply in case of overload operation protecting the motor
  • 1 year warranty click here


  • Good for the construction and excavation sites, well casings and general dewatering
  • For utilities, manhole and vault draining
  • Residential, draining of basements, crawl spaces and swimming pools
Specification for submersible Koshin Pump PB-65011
Discharge 2 inch
Total head 33 feet
Delivery volume 80 gpm
Motor output 1/2 hp
Voltage 110V
Rated current 7.2 amps
Cable length 20 feet
Net weight 29 lbs

For a complete parts list and IPL for the Koshin Pump PB-65011 click here

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