Mi-T-M CBA Aluminum Series/FREE SHIPPING   (CBA-4004-1MGH)

Mi-T-M CBA Aluminum Series/FREE SHIPPING
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CBA-4004-1MGH Mi-T-M CBA Aluminum Series 4000 psi 4.0 gpm

Below are the features and specifications for the Mi-T-M CBA Aluminum Series Pressure Washer

Features & Specifications

Pump is a General belt driven triplex piston pump with ceramic plungers. General pumps feature an external bypass system which allows more water into the system to protect from heat bulid-up. It has stainless-steel and brass Mi-T-M unloader with adjustable pressure a forged brass manifold, thermal relief valve and a water filter with clear sleeve for screen inspection. Warranty 7 year limited for General pump, Warranty 1 year limited on Mi-T-M unloader.

Engine is an OHV 389cc Honda engine with low oil protection. Warranty 3 year limited for Honda engine.

Frame has a patented isolation plate with four rubber isolators for reduced movement. It is made of a lightweight corrosion resistance aluminum frame with a base plate that is 1 1/4" tube handles. It has a two-piece belt guard for quick access to belts and a sold 7/8" diameter full-length threaded axle, convenient nozzle holder for quick connect nozzles, flat-free tires and dual rubber isolators. 

Component is a dual cogged belt system for increased belt life.

Unit comes complete with 4 quick connect nozzles (0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees), 50 foot x 3/8 inch non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors and a professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off, 48 inch lance with rubber grip.

50-0161 high pressure detergent injection
851-0338 50 foot x 3/8 inch non-marking hose
AW-8400-0021 Low pressure detergent injection
CX-0005 Insulated dual lance

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