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About the product

Smart Power, Yamaha EF2800 maximim watts of output in a compact 68 lb package equals exceptional output to weight ratio.

Top Features

  • The EF2800i weighs just 68 lbs, making it the lightest generator in its class. The key is the multi-pole rotor with a small stator. This design is smaller and lighter than a coventional twopole alternatior with a large stator - and it helps make the EF2800i extremely portable.
  • With the EF2800i, Yamaha has created one of the quietest generators in its class (64-68 dBA). The engineers looked at the total design and then made changes where they would be most effective: engine operating speed, intake noise, exhaust noise and valve train noise.
  • The EF2800i - with its inverter system - features Pluse Width Modulation (PWM) so wavelength distortion is less than 2.5 % making it ideal for equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage such as computers or other sophisticated electronics.
  • Yamaha's Smart Throttle feature automatically adjust engine speed to match the load. The result is quiet running, maximum fuel efficiency and a run time of 14.7 hrs at 1/4 load.
  • Yamaha's Oil Watch warning system prevents engine damage, avoiding costly repairs and minimizing down time.
    Yamaha EF2800i
    Type Brushless, Inverter
    Maximum AC Output 2800 watts
    Rated AC Output 2500 watts
    Rated / Maximum AC Current 20.8 / 23.3 amps @ 120V
    Engine OHV, air-cooled, singel cylinder, 4-stroke
    Displacement 171cc
    L x W x H 19.2 x 15.6 x 16.7
    DC Output 8.3 amps @ 12V
    Dry Weight 68 lbs
    Fuel Tank Capacity 2.6 gallons
    Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load 14.7 hrs
    Noise level (1/4 Load - Rated Load) 65-68 dBA
    Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty



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